Lost things

Now that we have arrived home and have launched into unpack and get ready for work/kindy/real life mode, I have begun to tally all of the things we have lost during our trip. Firstly, three animals have been lost. Not real ones, just a figurine cow, a purple dinosaur and a plush puppy. Thankfully, Casper doesn’t have any great attachment to toys so this loss has gone relatively unnoticed. Fortunately, Eva’s Elsa doll which saw about 2.9% of daylight the whole trip survived the connecting flight luggage transfer. Had Elsa been lost, I’m not sure if Eva would have boarded our flight from Singapore.

The second thing we lost was Matt’s phone. I wrote an entire blog about this experience but then copy and paste went awry and we lost that too… You should have read the blog. It was really insightful, expanding upon a concept I’ve grappled with the past fortnight: consumerism – especially that of westerners in developing Asian countries. As this third loss was not specifically my fault, I have asked that Matt tap into his incredible photographic memory and ghost write what I’d deem my best blog to date. This request is not too steep, I believe, considering Matt played a significant role in the copy and paste that went awry…

You’re probably wondering whether we found the lost phone. You’ll have to read the ghost-written blog to find out!!!

The fourth thing we lost, although this term is a little loose, was Casper’s stroller. I take full responsibility for this loss or you might call it laziness to go through immigration/customs to collect it from the baggage hall at Singapore airport. We took it as hand-luggage on our first flight from HCMC but our luggage was directly transferred during our layover in Singapore. Matt, the king of airports, acquired for us this little buggy (see pic) and the poor old stroller that served us well these past two weeks has probably made its home in a Singaporean bin, along with all of the confiscated chewing gum.

The fifth thing we lost was sleep Sunday night on our red-eye flight. It was all snoozes and smiles until I needed to pee and left Casper lying across two seats. I returned to a very unhappy boy who had rolled off said seats and refused to go back to sleep for the remaining 3 or 4 hours of the flight. Needless to say, Monday’s airport experience was a little trying.

Another thing we not so much lost but chose to give away were some clothes, a bag and some kids’ toys to the orphanage that our Ho Chi Minh Alcove Library Hotel supports. We had to google translate: “Can we please gift these things to the charity,” to the gentlemen at reception and their eyes lit up. We still returned home with heavy suitcases and a house full of things but it brought us great joy to give something that we could have returned home to enjoy but instead chose to give to someone in need. Plus, there’s always that thought when your luggage leaves your hands in one country and is returned to you two countries later that there was a good chance that it could have been lost or stolen. It’s an honest reality check on yourself when you have that thought, “Would I be ok if none of this was returned to me?” The answer is: of course! I’d experience some inconvenience but I would be ok. Actually, not just ok, but fine.

So, here we are back in Australia and although we have lost some things we have four healthy humans and more “things” than we need.

Stay tuned for a ghost-written post…

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