It goes too fast. It goes too slow. Often we don’t even know where it went. We say it rushed, it crawled, even disappeared. Poor old time often gets a beating. Many people, I predict, are time-poor. We have big houses, fancy cars and all of the things that seemingly make us happy but one thing we desire more of is time: time to be with people who matter the most.

Time has been on our side these holidays. That was the plan. One reason we decided to take two weeks out of our lives to spend together as a family is because I’d spent a lot of time doing work stuff earlier in the year. An overseas holiday was the dangling carrot at the end of my full-time work stint. We said that we wanted to spend time together and, although that sounded somewhat cliche, here we are, about three quarters through our holiday and more than I’ve enjoyed the food, the culture, the sights and oh my goodness, the island sunsets, I have enjoyed time with my family.

I haven’t prepared a meal in over 10 days, nor have I washed up, or put on any laundry. I haven’t swept, packed a lunch or cleaned a thing. All of that in regular life takes time. Although dinner with two kids who are fussy eaters has been one of the most challenging hurdles during our holiday, the pre-dinner wait, after we have ordered at our chosen establishment and we have nothing but each other for entertainment has been one of my most favourite parts of our trip. Just cuddling my kids, joking together, saying cheers with our watermelon juice (or adult equivalent), reflecting on the day and talking about what is to come has been time very well spent.

Last night, as Matt and Eva laid on a sunbed for two, watching the sunset, Casper and I went for a walk where I tried to explain to him the difference between the setting red sun over the Gulf of Thailand and the fingernail-thin moon rising in the bluey-purple night sky. He was trying to jump up and catch the moon and then said, “Bye bye pink sun; see you soon.” Right then and there, I remembered why we booked this holiday: to spend time together. Phu Quoc Island (about an hour’s flight from Ho Chi Minh City) has been a fitting location to end our holiday. There are night markets to see and this restaurant that sells the best crab and this place that makes its own fish sauce but the choice may very well have to be Famiana Resort sunbeds for the next two sunsets – all because I want to make most of this time we’ve chosen to be here.

Whether we are holidaying in Victoria, The Valley or Vietnam, there’s something about setting aside time to spend together as a family, to press pause on day-to-day duties and to just be together. Tomorrow, at sunset, I’ll drink another watermelon juice (or its adult equivalent) and say cheers to time well spent!


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Photos: (R) Casper trying to catch the moon (L) Sunlounging at sunset

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